Find out whether you have any tax arrears.Get information about it can be in a special section of the official website of the Federal Tax Service.Go to the website, fill in the fields, specifying last name, first name and region of residence and tax identification number - TIN.Click the Search button.The system will give you all the amounts you need to tax office.This includes the transport and property, and land taxes.At the same time private entrepreneurs should be aware that tax payments related to their professional activities, are not included in the list on this site.If you do not have TIN, you get information about debt, you can only personally in the Federal Tax Service district office upon presentation of a passport.
Ask if you should have any amount of banks.This is usually enough to call their customer service, call the number of the contract and the code word, and you will be able to report the required data.If the bank does not support such a scheme to inform, obtain the necessary information by asking the department of financial institutions engaged in providing services to individuals.There, in the back the whole loan amount, you can get a certificate of no debts, which can carry the case of unsubstantiated claims.
If you find a debt, determine whether it can be an obstacle for foreign travel.Since 2009, the amount of such debt should be more than 5000 rubles.In addition, the lender must submit you to court and win it.And if, even after treatment bailiffs amount will not be paid, you can apply a ban on travel abroad.In the event that a conflict with your lender has already reached the intervention marshals, you can find out directly from them if you can leave the Russian Federation.