you need
  • - pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - adhesive tape.
Collect rod and verify all connections are secure.Secure spinning reel.To do this, and fix it in the reel.
Make a loop at the end of the fishing line.Pull it through a special ring spinning.To do this, you must take and pass the end of the spool of fishing line in the smallest ring spinning.Give the line to the next hole.Proceed similarly as long as its end is near the reel spool.
Take a pencil.Put on a reel.Ask the assistant to hold it.It is necessary to provide the necessary resistance when winding - otherwise the line can become twisted.However, it should be remembered that the resistance should not be too strong sinceTh
is can, in consequence, lead to formation of a "spiral" in the spool.
Open shackle leskoukladyvatelya and secure fishing line on the spool.As a rule, it is enough to put the loop on a special tab.Close shackle.Slow, smooth movements rotate the reel, fishing line winding .Keep an eye on tension - fishing line should not sag and form a "spiral".
Check the location of the fishing line on the spool.With the right distance from the side of the winding spool of fishing line to the edge should be 1-2 mm.It is in such a position is reached maximum range "casting."If the coil is already full, and the line was still left, it is necessary to cut off the excess.If the length of the fishing line is not enough to properly fill the spool, it is recommended to pull up the line from the reel.Make a "substrate" necessary thickness, winding several layers of adhesive tape on the spool.Repeat the entire process of winding.
After fishing it is recommended to do 2-3 extra "cast" while holding the rod vertically.This will allow the line to dry and avoid the formation of "loops".