follows the tradition when choosing nicknames thoroughbred Scottish cat.In the nursery, where you get a kitten, you will be informed on what letter it should start, it depends on the litter.In addition, the full name of the cat with a pedigree will contain nicknames of his ancestors, their sound is also important to take into account.If the origin of your pet does not impose any restrictions on the choice of the name, based on what you like.
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Give kitty a true Scottish name.If you think to call the kitty, look for the traditional names.Moreover, each name has its own significance.For example, the name of Eileen means "blonde beauty," Leslie - "Garden of Eden" and Cameron - "snub-nosed" Why not a name for the Scottish cat?Additionally, you can choose a name for the character
pitomitsy.If it stands out among the other special delights, you can give it a name Andrenna, which means "cute".And if pussycat sweet, affectionate and friendly, you can call it Sky or "dreamer."
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Choose a nickname among male Scottish name.They also have their importance.So timid kitten can call Greg, that is "cautious".A brave kid give the name of Bernard, which means "fearless as a bear", or Archibald - "true courage".Gray Kitten suitable moniker Graham, it means "gravel" or Steen - "stone".If a child behaves kitten important and businesslike, Pedreyg call it, that is "a gentleman."All of these names because of their "foreignness" sound important and aristocratic.You can also select a neutral name, such as Ramsey - "wild garlic" Devi - "favorite" Forks - "Helmet".
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Scotland Use the map to choose a name among the names of geographical features of the country.It is not necessary to call the kitten Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Ness, you can find something more unique.For example, in the north of Scotland, the city has Albster, Dunnet, Elfin, Oltbi and Thurso.They sound nice, and should be fine for a male kitten.For cats, too, there is something harmonious, for example, Dalmalli, Kilmore, paisley or Shildeyg.Any name can be transformed into a diminutive name.
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