If you purchased a purebred with pedigree, nursery owners certainly offer you several options suitable nicknames or even a letter, which they must start.However, this does not limit your imagination.The animal exhibiting, may have an additional "pet" name.Well pet pet-class, not used in breeding, and not designed to display, free to be called as you like its owners.
Take a good look at the kitten.Feature Scottish fold that his unusual "baby" appearance they retain for life.Round snout and large, always astonished eyes, complete with tiny ears - this beast wants to call the sweetly-tender, even the funny name.As a result, Scottish Fold get nicknames Bune
a, FIFA, Varya, Shushunya or Dragon.
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Growing up, "Scots" are becoming become valyazhen manners.They do not reach the size of British cats, however, have a strong bone structure, dense coat and a good fatness.Therefore, adults should be fine Scottish respectful with patronymic names, such as Fedor or Sawa Ignatievich.Felinologists believe that cats like words with hissing and voiceless consonants.
Owners unusual color can be named, emphasizes this feature.Cute kitten popular blue or purple color name Lily or violet, false flax little - peaches, cream kitty suit nickname Blondie or Sweetie, carbon black - the proud name of Sheba.
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Choosing a name for a cat - a great way to demonstrate his own erudition.Your lop-eared pet can get a nickname he wore a cat one of famous people.For example, the snow-white "plaid" can be called the White Heather (as favorite cat Queen Victoria).Beauty color tabby can get the name of Delilah - in honor of one of the cats Freddie Mercury.Or maybe your approach pitomitsy simple name Susie - so called -rodonachalnitsu cat breed Scottish Fold.
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