Tip 1: How to get a refund for a ticket

you look forward to vacations and the travel agency in advance purchased ticket on vacation.And then you change your mind, or changed circumstances.Activities canceled.But the island becomes a question of the return of money for unreceived service.
compensation calculation is different.Lawyers and representatives of travel agencies refund for failure to use vouchers for personal reasons evaluated differently.
Representatives of travel companies are trying to prove to the client that the sum to be repaid, has always held a penalty for cancellation of the contract and the amount paid expenses, and generally frustrated traveler must prove that the reason for the refusal of the trip respectful.Tourist, under the provisions of the law, is entitled to refusal of permits for any reason, unilaterally, and he shall return all the money except those already incurred expenses.
lawyers believe that the wording "except those already incurred costs" means the tour operator shall
, whenever possible, to make every effort to return the already paid costs.Expenses that are not returned, include the cost of the hotel reservation, visa fee, to book a place for the trip.
To determine the amount refundable, the question arises checking actual costs.On the relationship between costs and the contract clearly show payments made on individual parts making up the cost of the tour, for example, the visa center, carrier, hotel and other services specified in the contract.Particularly meticulous clients have every chance to recover sunk costs.
Often tour operator places in the hotel and on the plane buys in advance the gross without identifying individuals.Travel Agencies in contracts may condition the penalties for refusing to tour on his own initiative.Such requirements are contrary to the law.According to the law, a fine or a penalty - a measure of the responsibility of the parties for breach of their obligations, and the right to refuse a tourist from the conditions of the agreement provided by the legislation.Accordingly, the refusal of breach of contract is not, and sanctions are unacceptable.
If the agency, in case of failure of the trip does not want to reimburse your expenses, you must include a claim to the office, drawn up in duplicate and ask to make one of them a mark of receipt.In case of refusal to put its mark on the claims should be sent by registered letter with a list of attachments, and notification by post.Travel is required to respond within 20 days of receipt of the claim.And if it still persists travel agency, you need to go to court.

Tip 2: How to get a refund for a ticket to the operator, "Around the World"

in the hottest season - summer - in the Russian broke another tour operator, previously considered to be sufficiently large service providers in the tourism sector on the easterndirection.And now the main question for those who issued the ticket was through this company - how to get a refund for unused journey?
Как вернуть деньги за путевку оператора "Вокруг света"

System ruin the company was simple enough.Previously, they specialize only in the direction of Asian travel, but in the 2012 season decided to try his hand in the European direction.However, the largest tour operators who work for this line, did not want to let the newcomer to the market.As a result, the agency "Around the World" had to significantly reduce the cost of permits, which led to bankruptcy.However, these consumers are not interested in internecine war, they want to get their money already paid tours.

Guide bankrupt company said that the receipt of compensation should apply to the insurance company "Alfa Insurance", in which they have insured their assets in the amount of 30 million rubles.That should be enough to pay all the affected tourists.

algorithm of action for the return of funds was made instantly.His appeal, you can send a Rosturizm.This can be done in person at the address: Moscow, Myasnitskaya Street, 47.Alternatively, send your request by e-mail organization rostourism@ropnet.ru.For other questions working telephone "hot line" - 8 (495) 607-17-37.The specialists of the organization will be able to advise you and assist you in getting compensation.

Serve lawsuit cheated tourists need either a tour operator himself or together - to a travel agency and the insurer.In addition, the customer can file a claim for additional compensation for moral damages.

demand of the plaintiff to the defendant is an application form can be downloaded from the Federal Tourism Agency), which is necessary to specify the range of information.First and foremost is the last name, first name or the name of the tourist ordering the organization if the permit has been corporate.You must also register the number of the document confirming financial security for the agency, date of issue, and expiration date.It will take a number of the agreement, which is concluded with a tour operator the tourist information about the fact that caused the compilation of treatment (here, the bankruptcy of the travel agency "Around the World").Specify in the statement the amount you spent on the purchase of tickets.

In addition, you need to attach to the application a number of documents.It is the customer's copy of the passport, a copy of the purchase agreement of the tour, documents that prove the damage suffered by the tourist.

funds at the request of the customer must return within 30 days of receipt by the defendant tourist requirements.

If the tour operator or the insurer refused to pay damages, it is necessary to go to court with the same set of papers.Just have to add the refusal to return the heads of agency funds.

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