The least you risk your money, if it is provided the possibility of refusing minute even before applying to the travel agency for its purchase.Before deciding to spend money on any tour, find out how much you can trust this or that agency.It is not difficult.Firstly, on the website of the Federal Tourism Agency will find and view the list of tour operators whose activities are prohibited in Russia.Secondly, on the Internet there are many forums in which these issues are discussed, and if people are not affected by the law-abiding actions o
f a tour operator, with a high probability you will read it.Finally, talk to people who have already used the services of the chosen agency.
If you choose the road tour, it makes sense to insure your ticket.In this case, the insurance company assumes the refund vouchers , and you lose only the interest that you will be charged for insurance.But an insurance contract you have to sign more than one month before your holiday.
In the event that the insurance you do not like, before purchasing the tour please read terms and conditions.As a rule, shall indicate the value of vouchers , details about the tour operator, the number of his license, your details, date and details of services.In addition, the contract must be established and detailed item relating to the possibility of returning minute payments and financial standards.The procedure and the amount of the refund is usually always indicated (in different agencies, these rules are different).Carefully read the document and if it is not clear, ask the staff of the company, or better yet - meet lawyers.But in any case, be prepared for the fact that the less days left before the trip after you have submitted your application for refusal of the permit , the less money you will return.
If you make any money for a ticket - or the full cost of its deposit - your hands should always issue a receipt and a signed contract.Oral agreement will have no legal force if you have to resolve the dispute in court.
If the contract you have on hand, but the representatives of tourist companies for some reason refused to return the money or scare you exorbitant penalties, do not be afraid to go to court.For a claim under an abuse of consumer rights with the state tax you do not take.
Under Russian law concerning the rights of consumers and tourism travel company you should return the money for the unused ticket, except for those amounts that have been spent on the organization of your trip.Moreover, it must provide documents that confirm that the expenses were incurred is on you.What are the documents that the Russian legislation is not specified - in each individual case, they may be different.For example, tickets, hotel reservations, consular fees, etc.If the firm is to provide such documents can not, then it will have to pay by the court full cost minute you and still the same - to the state budget or the organization to protect the rights of consumers.