Choosing a name for a cat - it is responsible.It is necessary that a nickname like all home.Invite them to contest - let everyone write interesting nicknames on pieces of paper, put in a hat or bag.The youngest in the family should get a piece of paper with a name that will carry your pet.However, if it is categorically not suit others, will have to repeat the rally.
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If you purchased a purebred kitten with a pedigree, it already has a name.However, in the home, you can call another pet.Barbariss Star of the East, or Flauerfild Jay breed can become champions and win prizes at the shows, but at home it will be more convenient or cited Barbariska Flaem.
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Scottish Fold kitten, growing up, childhood sweetly retain its muzzle.Therefore, it should be fine funny, touching diminutive nicknames.
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loss with a choice of matching words?Leaf through encyclopedias and dictionaries - there is certain there will be original ideas.Perfect for Scottish kitten - underline the nickname of his "foreign" origins.What funny black and white animal Duncan, and a red baby - Guinevere.When they grow up, they are very original names fit.
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Avoid very complex and long words - a cat can not catch what you refer to him.Ideal two-three-syllable words with repeated vowels.According to breeders, kittens like to say vowels and hissing sounds.The simple but catchy words like "Chips," "Lili," "Delilah" quite satisfied animal.
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not call cat nickname consonant with the names of other animals living in the house.It can be confused and cease to respond to the call.By selecting a suitable nickname, call the kitten in name only.Do not distort it, not add the suffix is ​​diminutive animal gets used.