you need
  • - application;
  • - copy of the passport (first page, registration page and proof of citizenship);
  • - referral from a doctor;
  • - medical certificate form №070 / Y-04;
  • - copy of birth certificate or passport of the child;
  • - certificate from the place of residence of the child.
Since January 1, 2011.children's sanatorium vouchers and regional bodies engaged in social protection.Lists of citizens waiting for vouchers for spa treatment, social protection FSS passed the transfer of powers.If in 2010 you applied for the permit in sanatorium branch of FSS and have not received it, please contact the Department of Social Welfare at the place of registration.To submit a new application is not necessa
ry, you must provide a ticket on the basis of your appeal to the FSS.
In the primary treatment for sanatorium visits to the Department of Social Welfare write an application and attach the required documents.Additionally, let your requests, Social Security employees will consider them as possible.All in need of treatment will receive vouchers, but the timing depends on the security capabilities of the region.
Employee Social Security notifies waiting on the availability of permits on the desired profile of treatment.If you were offered a ticket and you're happy with resort and dates of arrival, you need to provide to the Department of Social Welfare medical certificate form №070 / U-04, valid for the date.If the proposed conditions do not suit you, you have the right to refuse.Your application is still in the list, and you will be notified when the next opportunity.
Send to a children's summer camp on the ticket of the Social Security can be a child from 6 to 18 years.The application may submit both the mother and the father or guardian.You can buy yourself a ticket and to receive compensation.But first read the list of social protection in the institutions that have received permission to provide the appropriate level of public services and quality.If you have purchased a ticket to the camp, where the conditions are not consistent with the requirements of the Social Security, you may be denied reimbursement.
For compensation file a claim to the Department of Social Protection.The application shall attach documents confirming the payment voucher and counterfoil.Also need help on the family income.The amount of compensation depends on the availability of the applicant and of the established norm of the region and can not be greater than the average cost of the permit according to the Regional Tariff Service.