The easiest way to reach the city of Kerch - buy a ticket for long-distance trains.From Russia direct message to Kerch established in Moscow and St. Petersburg.On average, the price of a train ticket from Moscow to Kerch is 6 200 rubles.The cost of second-class train ticket starts from 3300 rubles, and for 5200 rubles, you can get travel documen
ts Moscow - Kerch in the compartment.It should be remembered that the cost of travel in the summer can be greatly enhanced due to the large number of travelers, and train tickets right at this time will be much harder to find if you do not book in advance.To go by train to Kerch get more days, 28-30 hours.This way of traveling for those who plan to stay in the prearranged place, either directly in Kerch.
the easiest and most convenient way to travel - long-distance trains
Direct air-links between Kerch and Russia.For those who do not want to lose a day in a long distance train, you can reach the Kerch on a bus from the bus station in Simferopol.You can reach it on any public transport from the railway station and the local airport or take a taxi and private carriers.Once at the bus station in Simferopol, you need to stop and find a schedule of buses in the Kerch.In spring and summer, buses run from 5 am to 10 pm.The fare on the bus to Kerch 50-60 hryvnia.Services taxi will cost considerably more expensive - from 250 - 300 hryvnia.According to seasoned travelers, the road from home to home from Russia to Kerch by bus takes about 12-14 hours.
much faster to get to by bus Kerch
Motorists can reach the Kerch two ways.The first method.According to the international road E-97, which runs along the route Kherson - Dzhankoy - Feodosia - Kerch - the state border with Russia.From Moscow and other major cities of the Central Federal District of Russia on the road E-97 can be reached by road E-95 to the state border near Belgorod.After crossing gos.granitsy should choose the road E-105 (the same as the M-18), which passes through towns such as: Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Melitopol, Simferopol and Dzhankoy.From Simferopol to Kerch, you need to be overcome even 210 kilometers on the highway E-97, passing Belogorsk, Feodosia, Seaside.The journey takes around two and a half hours, fuel consumption can be approximately 63 liters.The second way to get to Kerch from car owners - to take advantage of the Kerch ferry from Russia via Port Kavkaz (town Taman).A significant disadvantage of this method of movement may be long queues at customs in the summer.The cost of the crossing on the ferry depends on the size of the car and the presence of minor children.
with the breeze from Simferopol to Kerch