distinguish a boy and a girl can be a guinea pig for their appearance.Males are usually larger than females, have a high withers and strong bones.Some nipples in pigs is not an indicator of gender, since they are both boys and girls.In appearance, easy to determine the sex of adults, young guinea pigs may be some difficulties, because the young and young animals still mild sexual differences.
breed of guinea pig snout half black half white stripe divided
If you need to distinguish male from female cub (aged more than three weeks) or young guinea pig, it is necessary to examine the genital
s of the animal.Turn animal on the back foot to point upwards, firmly and hold it firmly behind him.Look at the place where the genitals, it is shaped like the letter Y. In females the anus and genitals are located far enough away from each other, the males among them a short distance.If you do not see the difference, compare with each other a few individuals find animals with obvious differences.
how to find out the sex of the guinea pig
Examine the anus guinea pig.To do this, take the animal for front legs, turn belly up.Right-handed clasp pig for the lower back and your thumb on the lower abdomen over the genitals.Press lightly, easily, then you can slightly increase pressure.If it is a male, then the thumb will feel the bulge - the penis, which eventually will pop out.Externally, it is seen as a point at the apex of the Y-shaped slit.In females, the gap will be felt long before the tail, too, in the form of Y, the leg is directed towards the tail.In girls, guinea pigs do not have any bulges.
the height of drinking bowls for the guinea pigs
If you still doubt the sex of the guinea pig, gently pull the skin on the genitals animal toward the abdomen.The female will see part of the mucous membrane, the male - a small sex organ.This completely dispel your doubts and help to confirm the sex of the animal.
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