Contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian in Moldova at Chisinau, str.Stefan cel Mare, d. 153. But before this call: 23-51-08 (answering machine), 23-51-10 (operator) and see operation department.
Find out if you can apply for citizenship Russia in a simplified procedure.For eligible include: - persons who have at least one parent is a citizen of the Russian Federation; - stateless persons who have had citizenship USSR - people who have received secondary or higher education in the schools, colleges, high schools and universities of the Russian Federation after 1.07.2002 - persons born in the territory of the RSFSR and former citizens of the USSR - a person married to a Russian citizen for 3 years
or more (or having a minor and unmarried least1 year); - persons who are disabled and have adult children who are citizens of the Russian Federation; - war veterans who had citizenship USSR - persons who for 3 years or more were held in the Russian service contract.
If you fall into either of these categories, you have the following documents to be sent to the consular section: - passport of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova (for stateless persons - a passport USSR) - birth certificate - documentsmarital status; - a document confirming that you speak Russian (certificates, diplomas, etc.) - the documents confirming that the means by which you live lawfully acquired (by reference to the employment record of the bank);- Help from the internal affairs of Moldova and Transdniestria of criminal records - certified copies of passports of parents (for those who are citizens of the Russian Federation).All documents must be translated into Russian and have an apostille.Within 6 months, you will get Russian citizenship .
If you have no relationship to any of these categories, you can also contact the Consular Section and apply for Russian citizenship.However, you will have to wait until then, until you open the quota in one or another Russian region.For citizenship, you will need to first get (in the Russian ) a temporary residence permit (for 3 years).Then, without a break, provided within the territory of the Russian Federation during this period, you will be able to apply for a residence permit.A year later, you will have the right to apply for Russian citizenship.