Tip 1: How do you know breed cats

If you are the owner of cat or kitten without papers, but the color of your cat you feel noble, it can be assumed her purebred parents and even call breed with a certain accuracy.However, without a pedigree issued by the club, the cat is still a mongrel animals and would not be able to participate in exhibitions and be a producer of purebred kittens.
you need
  • Atlas breeds and description of the features of rocks.Photos of your cat.
breed - a group of domestic cats, which recognize the international feline organizations.
called purebred animals whose pedigree is confirmed by the club.Getting a kitten in a certified nursery, you can be confident in the "noble" origin of your pet.In the pedigree breed kitten listed the names of three generations of his ancestors, and especially color animal.
In the absence of pedigree, mongrel cat is considered, even if its color suggests her purebred parents.Compare your exterior cats with typical representatives of the breed can b
e an atlas of images of cats (such atlases are in bookstores and on the Internet: http://funcats.by/breeds/ or http://www.kotikoshka.ru/ atlas / ).In addition, particular color and character cats must comply with certain standards of the breed: http://help-cats.narod.ru/cats4.php.htm
If you have a small kitten withoutdocuments or picked him up on the street, then the definition of the breed is better not to hurry.The fact that some features of color are shown only in adult animals.For instance, white cats are often on the head in childhood have dark spots, which in turn disappear.

Tip 2: How to breed cats

In the eyes of a loving cat owner it - always beautiful.And it does not matter, purebred or not.Nevertheless, many are interested in how to determine the breed of cat.Even picked up on the street may be a kitten "Blood Prince."
How to determine the breed of cat
breed of cat can be determined by its constitution, the type of fur, coat color, eye color, and even in nature.

Body Types cats

By body type can be divided into two main groups of pedigreed cats.The first is a cat with a big round head, flat nose and a rather massive torso.The classic example here - Persian cat.

second group - a cat with elongated muzzles, long body and long, graceful legs.From shorthair most outstanding representatives of this type are Siamese cats of the long-haired - Angora.

Coat and color

By type of cat fur are divided into 5 groups: short-haired (for example, the American Shorthair, Bengali, Russian Blue, Siamese, etc.), long-haired (Angora, Persian, Siberian), "wavy" (Cornish Rex), rough-(American haired), hairless (this, of course, sphinxes).

in color stands 3 large groups of cats, which are divided into 25 subgroups.The first is monochromatic or two-color cat: white, red (red), black, blue (gray with a bluish tint - such as the British), purple, chocolate, colorful (eg, tri-color), cream-colored, two-tone.The second group of cats with speckled or tortoiseshell (several different colors, the boundaries between them are blurred).The third group includes cats with color "tabby" (two contrasting colors with each other) and Himalayan cats.

Eye color and character of cats

In determining the breed is important to pay attention to the color of the eyes.The eyes of cats can be yellow-green, emerald green, or blue (for example, Siamese).There are also cat with colored eyes (one - blue, the second - green or yellow).These eyes may be the cat breed Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora.

As strange as it may seem, but a breed of cats can also be determined by the nature.For example, Siamese cats are very warlike.Bright temperament and distinguished Russian blue cats.Persian, on the contrary, is quite slow.

Although, of course, the best tool in determining breed cats can become a veterinarian.With self-determination feline can use special books, first of all - "All breeds of cats" David Eldertona or multiple sites, which shows the photos and descriptions of cats in groups of rocks.

Although is it so important - purebred or purebred kitten.The main thing that he brought into the house of joy and love.
Recommended separately photograph the ears, tail and paws cat close-up, these important details exterior cat will help experts more accurately determine the breed.
Helpful Hint
Ask for advice on the definition of the breed cats can be a veterinarian, or in the forums of fans of cats, after photographing your pet and put his picture on the internet.
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