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To determine the age of the turtle , count the rings on the edge of the carapace.In young animals, which are under two years, every six months on the shell formed by two - three rings.Then there is one ring each year.
How do I know how old tortoise
With age, slowing the growth of turtles.While growth is intensive areas of the carapace between the shields light, very bright.With age, dark tortoise shell.Carapace elongate becomes sexually mature turtles, young turtles shell - round.The European tortoise reaches sexual maturity in 3-5 years, Central Asian later: 5-6 years for males and females to 10-14.
can try to determine the age of the turtle carapace size.Since land
central asian B1 turtle carapace year has a size equal to 5 cm 2 years - 6 cm 3 years - 8 cm, 4 years - 9-10 cm and is 5 years - 11-12 cm at age 6 -about 14 cm.
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Dimensions krasnouhih turtles differ.Females in one year have carapace length of about 6 cm. To 2 years - 9 cm 3 years - 14 cm, 4 years - 16 cm, 5 years - 18 cm, in 6 years, about 20 cm in males, usually2-4 cm less.
land turtle.
maximum lifetime krasnouhih aquatic turtles in captivity 35-50 years.At the same time they can reach 28-30 cm in size. Tortoises live up to 30 years.
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determine the sex of a turtle is possible only at the age of 6-8 years.It is best to do it in comparison with other turtles.
In males the lower part of the shell, the plastron, is closer to the tail somewhat concave.It is necessary that the male was easier to stay on top during mating.The lower end is rounded plastron in females and males is shaped like the letter V.
male tortoises have longer claws and femoral spurs.Cloaca in the female is nearer the tail, also in females, usually in plastron opening wider than in males.
Pay attention to the behavior of your turtle.Males are more active, even aggressive.Attack other turtles, trying to climb on top or turn.If your turtle often makes typical rocking his head up and down, then you will most likely male.