Certain popugaev- lovebirds still have visual differences based on gender.For example, the male head of somewhat elongated, and the females have rounded contours.In addition, the "boys" low set brow that can be seen when looking sboku.Opisanny method is not reliable, as the physiology of birds varies.It may be that the parrot is visually similar to the male, but in fact - it is a female.
how to recognize sex wavy parrot
Quite easily it can be seen an adult female, which already was the first brood.Going on a perch, it puts very wide legs.
discern budgies
distinguish parrots, lovebirds perhaps feeling the pelvic bone.To do this, carefully take the bird in hand and turn belly up.Now felt in the pelvic a
rea are two small bones that resemble match heads.If the distance between them is about half a centimeter - the male in front of you, and if by one centimeter and more - female.The fact that females are exits yaits.Oschupyvayte hipbone very carefully, without applying excessive force.If you do it the first time, it is better be especially vnimatelny.Opisanny method helps to distinguish parrots, lovebirds (female) who have reached the age of maturity, or already have their first litter.
horakter parrot lovebird
In that case, if you can not install the floor in a visual inspection or palpation of the pelvic bone, consult a specialist.They will be able to distinguish parrots, lovebirds by genetic or hormonal studies.Certainly, in their arsenal there are other special methods.
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