Pay attention to your hair coloring animal - if it is snow-white, it is possible that your pet will be called or Belyanka Snowball, Snowman and Snowflake.Black chinchilla include, for example, Sooty, Nochka or Sandpiper, and the animal with a gray coat color - Haze or fog.Given that the chinchilla - animal with soft velvet and fur, you can give him the nickname Fuzzy or fluff.
Look closely at the behavior of your new pet, and try using the name to emphasize the features of his animal nature.For example, an animal who loves to sleep a lot, it is possible to give the corresponding name - Sonia or Gschert and small animal active and mobile suit names Daisy, Shalunishka, Vertunchik, Bully, Fidget, Weasel.Your Pet fussy eating habits
?Then his nickname may be Vredinka, Meany or fussy, but for chinchillas, loving to eat dense, suitable names Obzhorka or chubby, fat man or Paunch.
cage for chinchillas with his own hands
Think you known and loved cartoon characters - perhaps your pet reminds you of some of them?Here and name it in honor of your favorite hero!Chinchilla - and so it is not very usual for home breeding animal and pet named Cheburashka, Shrek, Shapoklyak, Pikachu, Snow White, Pumbaa, Boniface, Leopold, Ratatouille, Barmaley or Winnie the Pooh exactly will you in one piece!
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Come to the choice of name for a chinchilla with humor - such as a large animal can be called a baby, buttons or beads, animal with long legs - Korotkonozhkoy or Graz animal with fighting spirit - cowardor a weakling, and a peaceful and clumsy pet - a bully, Brave Joe or bullies.Wake imagination and do not call standard pet - your chinchilla may be named Bagel, Pyzhik, donuts, Carrot, Barbel, steak, Ushastik, chocolates or ottoman.
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