The main advantage of these fighting fish is that they can live without oxygen and filter.The fact that males breathe atmospheric air.Moreover, they do not like living in an aquarium equipped with a filter, such as "home" is oversaturated with oxygen, and for produced by the compressor, only scares them.Of course, it is not necessary to assert that bettas can live well in the three-liter jar, but what they feel fine in a small aquarium without any filtration and aeration, it is an indisputable fact!
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's only breeding these fish may cause certain difficulties, and not everyone wants to become a professional breeder.Many people generally contain males to enjoy their beauty.Not whimsical males and the rest of the service: they thrive in stale water, and have increased appe
tite.However, this does not mean that water should be changed cockerel every six months and feed them once a week.No!
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Aquarium fish betta (or males) are members of the family of the labyrinth.These fish by chance christened "cocks".The fact that their color and militant fighting spirit reminiscent of the beautiful and cocky roosters.For example, if you put two male betta in a tank, you can begin a real cockfight with flowing fins and tails.If time does not separate the "men", one of them will die.
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Generally males are descended from Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.There they live in warm and small reservoirs with standing water and silty.That's why the aerator to oxygenate aquarium cockerels do not need.Males have an oval body, elongate and slightly compressed at the sides.The length of the male calf reaches 5 cm, and in females - 4 cm. Along or across the body of males are located dark stripes.Upper fin has a rounded shape.Lower starting at the head and extends to the tail.Pectoral fins of males have a regular peaked shape.
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believed that the beauty and uniqueness of this painting equal fishes there.Petushki dazzle and shimmer of color from red to pink, pink to yellow, from yellow to orange, from orange to green, taking all kinds of shades.Especially bright color can be observed in males, to arrange "cock" fight.It is interesting to watch the fish, and when they inflate their gills in the excited state, forming a bulge "collar" around his head.
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