Tip 1: How to feed Jungar hamsters

Jungar hamster is one of the most popular pets.Miniature size, funny habits and simplicity make the content of these animals is particularly interesting.To make your hamster feel good, you need to take care of proper feeding of these wonderful animals!
you need
  • -Specialized food for hamsters;
  • -ovoschi;
  • -frukty;
  • -Green;
  • -hleb;
  • -kurinoe meat;
  • -yaytsa;
  • -kashi;
  • -izyum, dried apricots;
  • -vetochki fruit trees.
Jungar hamsters basis of the diet should be a dedicated feed for rodents, which can be purchased at a pet store.This feed contains a variety of cereals, dried vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamins and minerals.Giving such a mixture must be strictly according to instructions, as overeating can adversely affect the health of the animal.
In addition to finished feed must be every day to give your pet fresh vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash) and fruits (apples, pears, bananas) and greens (lettuce, parsley).
Several times a week
you can give a hamster small pieces of bread and sweets are ideal as raisins, dried apricot slices, as well as a small piece of pastry.
Weekly hamsters should be given protein foods.A piece of boiled chicken without salt, cheese, meat baby food or a small piece of boiled egg - all happy to be eaten by your pet.If you expect the addition to the family hamster, let hamster protein is recommended to write every day.
help diversify the diet of porridge and boiled water as milk is poorly tolerated by these animals.
Once a week, indulge your pet with fresh sprigs of fruit plants.They contain a lot of nutrients, as well as an opportunity to strengthen your pet's teeth.

Tip 2: How to feed the hamster

you have long dreamed of a pet.That he was a small, neat, does not require a lot of care.Finally, you choose the adorable hamster, brought it home and put him in a cage.Now it would be nice to feed the new resident.
Hamster cage should always be fresh water
Ready dry food
If you come in any pet store and ask to see food for rodents, have taken to the several regiments, tightly crammed with bundles and pachechku, packages and bags.It would take all - and will be happy hamster.Happiness is, but only if in choosing wisely.Food should not contain many large pieces, it should not be a lot of grass stalks.If the food consists of several components (grains, dried fruits, nuts, special granules), make sure that the pieces are smooth, roughly the same shape - a measure of quality.
Try to give preference to feed foreign manufacturers.Domestic feed hamsters also love, but that's allergic to them happens quite often.
Fresh food
Despite the fact that feed producers claim that their composition has everything you need for your pet (and even a little more), do not forget about fresh food.Hamsters will be nice crunch cucumber or apple.Do not get carried away with grapes - for a hamster this sweet berry is like candy for the man.
Do not forget to give a hamster roasted nuts: he was happy to hide them in the cheek pouches, and after a while eat.

Treats Treats for hamsters great variety: here and Drops, and grain basket, and cereal sticks which animals are happy to gnaw.
When choosing guided by the producer (better if it is foreign), taste your hamster (maybe he does not like bell peppers) and its own budget.
hamster in the cage should always be fresh water
Helpful Hint
possible, choose products of foreign companies.On the domestic food producers in hamsters are often allergic.

No need to feed the hamster on the clock.Suffice it to within a day in a cell was saucer filled with food.During the day, you can treat the animal fresh food.
Remember that Dzhungarian hamsters can not give a raw potato, cabbage, garlic, onions, citrus fruits, as well as any exotic fruits and vegetables.Also, do not give fruit pits, because they contain substances that can be toxic for the hamster.
Helpful Hint
Do not feed the hamster food from his table.Remember, salty, spicy, sweet and fatty foods can cause your pet's health irreparable harm!
Jungar hamster, some features of the content
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