Chihuahua can get sick all the typical dog diseases (distemper, helminth infections, digestive disorders).They should be immunized against infections, prevention of worm infestations.Since Chihuahua almost always found in the house, they are less likely to suffer from parasites, however, the owner should be careful to make sure that your pet is not bitten by a tick or has not bred fleas.
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addition to the usual canine ailments, there are also specific Chihuahua disease.They are due to small size, common in purebred dogs genetic defects and even their characteristic traits.The most common early tooth loss, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as inhe
ritable disorders of the knee (patellolyuksatsiya - displacement of the kneecap) are not amenable to correction.Patellolyuksatsiya does not have a major impact on the quality of life of the animal, but to participate in the exhibitions of your pet will not be allowed.Chihuahua different mobility, curiosity and courage, which often leads to injury and conflict with other dogs.
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If there have Chihuahua one of the symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy or an unusual aggressiveness, discharge from the nose, ears or eyes, you should appealto the vet.Tighten with a visit to a doctor is unacceptable, since some diseases tend to develop quickly and unnoticed.Required visit to veterinary hospitals, if the dog tries to rub his back on the ground or scratching and licking at the tail - this may indicate inflammation of the anal glands, which often affects dogs living indoors.In this case it is important to prevent injury and the development of an abscess.The doctor will clean the glands and experienced dog owners can do it themselves, but because the cleaning procedure is accompanied by discomfort for the animal, without proper experience to start it should not be.
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unacceptable to feed the dog food from his table, especially harmful animal meats, fatty, spicy and salty foods.Unfortunately, the owners of chihuahuas often pampered pets, believing that the dog will not harm room goodies.Such a poor diet leads to violations of the digestive system, obesity, and as a consequence - heart disease, liver and skin.As many pedigree dogs, Chihuahuas can suffer from allergies - treatment in this case, the veterinarian prescribes only.
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Due to the small size of Chihuahuas , owner easier to perform many medical manipulations, for example, put the injections and enemas, measuring the temperature and making dressings.In any case, to carry out these procedures should be on doctor's advice, and if you are not very experienced in the content of the dogs, the vet will show you how to deal with sick animals.
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