incubation fit fresh goose eggs.Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the shell was clean, no cracks, dents.Subject to rejection dirty eggs, as washing their strictly contraindicated.

Before laying eggs enlighten them on candling.If the egg is unfertilized or lumen visible dark spots, the material is rejected.In addition, do not lay eggs for incubation, which you failed to enlighten.

in incubation trays goose eggs laid horizontally.Once you fill in all the trays in the incubator, set the thermostat to temperatures of 37.8 degrees.After 4 hours Increase the temperature to 38-38,5 degrees.Subsequently keep the temperature 37,8-38,0 degrees.

the second day begins to conduct a two-fold cooling hatching eggs.For this morning and evening reduce the temperature
to 32-34 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

On the fifth day of goose eggs periodically spray.In modern incubators carry out spraying is not necessary.The program includes a change in temperature and the frequency of spraying.

first preview on candling you made before setting eggs.Second you need to spend on the ninth day of incubation.All eggs without embryos remove.After inspecting the lower the temperature in the incubator to 37,4-37,5 degrees.Add ventilation, keep systematically sprayed the eggs.Subsequent inspections on candling eggs spend in the seventeenth and twenty-seventh day.

Do not forget, the whole incubation period trays need to flip 12 times per day.If your incubator does not have a function of spraying, and you will, for various reasons can not carry out spraying every three to four hours, cover the eggs with wet wipes.If this is not done, the embryos may overheat, and a brood of goslings you get.

Home pipping goslings occurs after 28 days.Complete withdrawal takes three days.Sort the goslings hatched, sit in a warm room with a temperature not lower than 30 degrees.Every five days the temperature drops by 2 degrees.By the age of twenty-day goslings can be kept at normal room temperature of 20 degrees.Goslings weakened during the first week to keep freed incubator, maintaining a temperature of about 30-32 degrees.