you need
  • - sand for bathing chinchillas;
  • - a plastic container;
  • - cotton pads.
dzhungariku Let your conduct manipulations for cleaning their own coats on their own.This is only a man thinks that all animals should certainly take a bath, as well as himself.In practice, very few mammals are really in need of water procedures.Look carefully at your hamster and you will notice that a very large amount of time he spends scrubbing own fur, like a cat.Dzhungariki very clean and simply can not afford to remain in their coat hairs stuck together and even more chips.
how to get rid of hamsters
for more careful hygiene hamster must
take sand baths.Contrary to popular belief, brush their skins in the sand not only chinchilla, but other species of rodents.Get a pet store special sand for bathing chinchillas and fill them a small bathing tub.For Jungar hamster as a bath can serve as a small plastic container, but you can purchase a special and kupalku.Pour a thin layer of sand (2-3 cm) and place the container in a cage.If need be, your hamster sure to use it for other purposes.
what and how to wash Jungar hamster
If you see the hamster soiled so badly that no combing and bathing in the sand can not clean off, wipe it with a damp cotton swab.Size dzhungarika allows the use for this purpose conventional cotton pads.Dampen one disc with warm water and gently rub the coat of your little friend to the complete disappearance of the contamination.Once the dirt is gone, be sure to wipe dry with a cotton pad Khomko others.It is important to coat the baby did not stay wet as a draft or cold, it can easily catch a cold.
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