What does the psychiatrist

psychiatrist treats, diagnostic, and prevention of mental illnesses, which include:
- psychosis;
- epilepsy;
- schizophrenia;
- obsessive-compulsive disorder;
- depression;
- manic disorder. psychiatrist and psychotherapist in common the fact that they are doctors.That is, professionals who have a medical degree and received a specialization in the field.

¬ęsalutary" conversations with their patients the psychiatrist does not.Treatment usually consists in the use of psychotropic drugs, sometimes very powerful.Sometimes, in parallel with the psychiatrist can also work therapist.

Thus, the psychiatrist - a doctor who treats a variety of mental disord
ers, and the medical treatment is the main and often the only type of therapy.

What does the psychotherapist

As a rule, the therapist works with mentally healthy people, as well as with individuals who are in the border states.The competence of a doctor such ailments as:
- phobia;
- depression;
- painful addiction. As any doctor, the therapist has the right to carry out medical examinations to diagnose illness and prescribe medication.However, in most cases, drugs are used.

In psychotherapy, assistance is provided by different methods, which are often based on the interaction between doctor and patient.The main tool of a psychotherapist - a conversation.

doctor tries with applies to him man to understand the causes of mental disorders of balance, identifying with the problems provoked disorder.At the same time it helps in the search for solutions to the client's psychological problems.

good therapist may also hold special psychological techniques, which include hypnosis, auditory training, psychological games, and even the interpretation of dreams.

Thus, the therapist - a doctor involved in the treatment of borderline disorders.This medical treatment may be only complement the main therapy, but in any case it is not a full replacement.

difference between the therapist from a psychiatrist: a brief conclusion

difference between a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist is the first work with patients who have severe mental illness - such as epilepsy or schizophrenia.

therapist also works with those who do not have severe disorders and mental disorders, but simply want to improve their quality of life.