main ingredients of beer

The composition of any beer must include hops and malt.Hops - a small inflorescence of plants, which often grow in many suburban areas.First, they are collected, dried and then thoroughly crushed.As a result of this process a powder is obtained.

Malt is germinated seeds.You can use almost any species, but often the basis for the beer are wheat, rye or barley.Preparations for beer is on sale, but you can just buy the grain and germinate it at home.However, the easiest option is to buy a special malt extract.

basic principle of making beer

Regardless of the variety of beer, recipe cook it usually remains unchanged.You can change the ingredients, add to them, but the processing sequence - this is the main secret.

Prepare a large pot and boil it in three liters of water.Add 1 kg of sugar and bring the mixture to a boil again.You should get the sugar syrup is quite thick consistency.In the water bath heat the malt extract and mix it with the sugar mixture.The ingredients should be thoroughly mixed into a homogeneous mass.

Separately prepare the water.It is better if it is a bit to settle.The preform is necessary to add cold water so that its amount exceeds candy mass 8 times.The mixture is poured into a selected tank fermentation.The final and most important stage is the addition of brewer's yeast.Note that in this case refers to a special yeast, but not a mixture of cooking.

yeast (not more than 50 g) was sprinkled evenly cooked must.The main thing that they are uniformly distributed in the liquid and is not turned into lumps.Immediately after the final procedure, close the fermentation vessel lid and place it in a cool place.The optimum temperature for beer is a measure no more than 20 degrees.

During the week harvesting should undertake a process of fermentation.Once the bubbles stop appearing on the surface, the mixture can be poured on a separate container.In each bottle, add 2-3 teaspoons of hops.Closed containers can be stored for a long time, but the beer tasted better than a week after its preparation.

Homemade beer with additives

Any additives, such as dried fruit, pine or juniper shoots are added at the stage of preparation of malt.The base beer is brought to a boil (water, malt sugar), then it is filled into dried fruit or other additives.The mass is poured into a storage tank, which it is necessary to tightly close the lid or gauze.The fermentation process is determined by the characteristic sound and effervescent bubbles.Once these distinctive features cease to occur - the beer is ready to drink.

Crimean home brew prepared with the addition of pieces of bread and grains cloves.This drink has original taste and the so-called zest.

The oldest recipe for making beer is considered a drink of honey.Here are the main ingredients - honey, hops and yeast.The proportions are calculated as follows: 2 kg of honey you will need 50 g of yeast and 25 g of hops.In a large saucepan, boil 10 liters of water, add honey and hops.The mixture was again bring to a boil, then strain, bottling.After a few days the beer is ready for consumption.