First of all, this drink is valued for flavor and exciting quality.Most of all people drink coffee because it perfectly invigorates and gives strength during physical fatigue.Here, his influence on the person is simply magical.
coffee has a considerable influence on the central nervous system.And all because a part of the drink is a plant alkaloid, caffeine.It was he who excites our nervous system, which ultimately leads to its normal operation.
Just proven that caffeine copes with drowsiness, lethargy and apathy.He also contributes to improving the work of the senses.
people engaged in mental work, it is useful to drink coffee.And all this is just the same because of the effect of the drink on the central nervous system.It is scientifically proven and confirmed by the famous Professor Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.
effectively influence the coffee and the gastrointestinal tract.It causes gastric secretion, due to which after 20-30 minutes the concentration of hydrochloric acid reaches its limit.All of this helps to speed up the digestion of food.But in any case, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach.It will have the opposite effect - the stomach is empty, and therefore he has nothing to digest.So most people and earn their disease such as plague.
Plus coffee can be called what it is similar to the effect of alcohol on the body.It has a warming and stimulating qualities.That's just the coffee does not cause such sad consequences that alcohol can cause.So better be cheerful coffee than alcohol.
From the foregoing, I think it became clear that this drink should not be used for people suffering from diseases of the stomach.They do not need extra time to bring your stomach, especially if they do so, and acidity.In this case, coffee can be replaced by another kofenapitkom eg barley.Just reduce stimulating effect of coffee on the body by using the addition of a milk or cream.But that's not all contraindications.People who suffer from insomnia, hypertension, and also are disturbances in the central nervous system, also should not use the beverage.
To drink or not to drink?That is the question.Of course, this is a private matter, but we can say one thing: if you are healthy and you like this drink, it is possible and even necessary to use it, well, if you have health problems, the coffee drink with extreme caution.Agree, because the most important thing - it is a measure of all things.