Tip 1: How to enter the child in the passport

widespread child prostitution, sale of children, illegal trafficking and litigation between divorced spouses to uphold the rights of the child, led to increased requirements for border crossing children.

on children can make out individual passport (if they go abroad on their own), but it is also possible to enter the child in the passport of both parents or one of them.For children who are included in the passport of parents, usually give a free visa without visa fee (with the exception of entry to Turkey).Private child may need a passport if he will return from abroad sooner or later their parents.

When children cross the border, the border guards impose a clear requirement: "How many entered on a visa, the same should be, and go back."For example, if a child with his mother went abroad to visit his grandmother for a week, and then decided to stay for 3 more days, the mother without him back will not be released, if the child was simply inscribed in her passport.In such cases, it is best to draw

up a separate passport for the child.

If the child will continue to travel with only one parent, then you just need to fit it into your passport.

How to enter the child in a passport, and I always have to do that?

1. This can be done free of charge, upon receipt of the passport of one parent.To do this, you must bring the child to the Visa Office metric and four of his photographs.

2. Children can only fit in the passport of the old sample provided that the child not yet 14 years old.

3. Best of all, when a minor is included in the passports of both parents.

4. The law also does not prohibit children at the same time have a separate passport and be included in the parent's passport.

5. If the passport has been received, and the child had not entered, it is necessary to appeal to the visa department and ask them to make an entry.To do this you need to take with you the following documents:

- a duplicate of the original birth certificate with a mark of citizenship;

- four color or black-and-white photos (format 3.5 x 4.5 cm) that are made on matte photo paper (also applies to young children);

- your passport;

- photocopy of employment record;

- 3 photos.

6. The collected documents should be attributed to pass the Foreign Ministry or OVIR.

7. Turnaround time is usually less than one month.

If a child is traveling abroad, accompanied by a parent, you need notarized permission to export from the second parent.To do this, just go to any notary office and issue resolution.

To leave without permission to leave the child can be in Turkey and Egypt.

for documents to travel abroad must be approached with great responsibility.This can save a lot of time, money and nerves when dealing with the border guards.

Tip 2: How to make a baby in the passport

vacation in another country, holidays abroad or even a trip to relatives in the former Soviet Union can turn to family troubles, if child do not fit intointernational passport.What do I need to do?First of all - patience.
How to make a baby in the passport
you need
  • - copy of marriage certificate or divorce or paternity or adoption, if the surname of the child and the parents are not the same;
  • - the original passport of the parent;
  • - original passport of the parent;
  • - original birth certificate of the child;
  • - a copy of birth certificate;
  • - stamp of citizenship on the child's birth certificate;
  • - certified copy of the employment record of the parent;
  • - 3 black and white matte baby pictures in an oval the size of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm;
  • - 2 photos Matt parent in an oval the size of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm;
  • - from 200 rubles to several thousand rubles (depending on the time required to process the required documents).
Adding child in passport begins with a visit to the Criminal Code, condominiums or housing office, which was prescribed his residence.Here you will need to obtain an extract from the house register.
Next to the passport office of the police station area in which the child is registered, you must obtain and complete an application form on the establishment of citizenship.Now, however, some passport offices for these purposes, allow you to write a statement on his hands in a free form.
to obtain confirmation of the child's citizenship , you have to pay the corresponding receipt.Do not forget to submit together with the receipt to the passport office statement passports of both parents, their copies, the birth certificate of the child , a copy of it, and an extract from the house register.
also have to fill out a questionnaire.It should be remembered that out child under 14 years abroad only if it has been entered in the passport least one of the accompanying parents.However, it can be entered in the passport well and mom and dad.
As a result, a division of the Federal Migration Service of Russia at the place of permanent residence will make information about the child in your passport.
The biometric passport to enter the children can not be - it is easier to issue a separate passport for the child, regardless of his age.
Helpful Hint
Fit child in a passport can only parents of the child - the father or the mother.The passport to fit children up to 14 years.With 14 years of a child, a separate passport.
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