Below is a list of documents submitted to obtain a liner of citizenship of children.Immediately it should be noted that the selection of documents proving citizenship rests with the parents, and not the authorities of the Federal Migration Service (FMS).
If both parents - citizens of Russia:
- Birth certificate of your child, and with it information about the nationality of both
parents or one parent if the child is brought up single-parent family.
If one parent - not a Russian citizen and the child was born on the territory of the Russian Federation:
- Child's birth certificate and information about Russian citizenship and a single parent of foreign nationality of the other.
If one of the parents on the birth of a child is missing or is a stateless person:

- Birth certificate of the child and information about the nationality of one of the parents.
If the child's parents are adoptive parents, but the child was not in evidence as their child:

- Child's birth certificate and passport of one of the adoptive parents, which included information about this child, or a previously issued passport of the child, or liner, which was issuedbefore the child's citizenship.
Attention!By providing the above documents, according to the chosen event, you can easily get loose leaf about citizenship of the child.
addition, you can provide the child's birth certificate with a special stamp confirming his citizenship.If you are presented with some of the above documents, the stamp (mark) in the certificate is not required.
To get a stamp on the birth certificate, the parents need to contact the passport office in the community, which provide a photocopy of their passports, an extract from the house register, copy of the original birth certificate.