Tip 1: How to conclude the contract of social hiring

Treaty social hiring called an agreement, under which the dwelling is transferred to reside citizens in need of better living conditions.Provided such a treaty housing should be administered by the state or municipal authorities.
you need
  • Private statement, passport, proof of custody or divorce
social hiring is fundamentally different from privatization.Privatized premises - property of a citizen, and the contract of social hiring suggests that the housing is owned by a municipal or public.
Social Contract hiring become an alternative to a warrant for the apartment, familiar to many from the Soviet era.Previously, the order is the basis for the provision of housing, according to his citizen could live in an apartment as long as desired.Today the premises provided by the agreement of social hiring .
previous occasions that citizens resident in the living area for a variety of instruments, some of them - on the basis of a warrant, the other - on the soci
al contract hiring .This confusion in the legal relationship has been eliminated with the introduction of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation in 2004. The Code replaced the pre-existing social order to the contract hiring .
Contracts hiring occurs only on the grounds listed in the law.Waiting receive housing on the social contract recruitment in connection with the relocation.People living in communal apartments - in deciding whether to grant vacate the premises.
to the contract of social hiring provided written form its conclusion.Earlier the parties to the contract is a citizen and organization operating housing.Now, the basis for the conclusion of the contract will be the decision of the executive power, which refers to the provision of citizen dwelling.Under the new rules the relevant contracts are housing departments of the city or municipality.
conclude the contract of social hiring recommended to all citizens, although the absence of any legal consequences of the contract has not.But if you have the situation of the universe with a new family member, a design housing subsidies, the contract will be required.Do not do without the agreement of social hiring and when you conceived the privatization of housing, or want to take it to the sublease.
to conclude the contract of social hiring , should contact the housing department of the relevant departments of housing policy.In this body the following documents: an application, a document certifying the identity of the applicant, copies of identity documents of all family members.You may need a document on custody or divorce.Carry documents that were the basis for the invasion of the premises.
After checking staff housing department completeness of the information and documents that you have submitted, your application will be registered.You should get an extract from the book of registration receipt date documents.
term of consideration of the application is not more than thirty days.Note that you may need additional documents from you, so that in this case the period of review can be increased up to six months.This is you, the applicant shall be notified in writing.
order to conclude the contract of social hiring in the housing department is open to all adult members of the family, as specified in the contract.If unable to appear in person issued the corresponding authorization.The persons specified in the contract, meet with him and put their signatures under the document.A copy of the contract is handed to the applicant, and the other is sent to the management company to make changes to the personal account.

Tip 2: How to conclude the contract sotsnayma

Treaty social rent - a kind of an agreement.On the basis of his living room, which is municipal property, transferred to live in it to citizens who need better housing. Treaty free and permanent.This means that the residence time is not limited, and are paid only the appropriate utilities and services.
How to conclude a contract sotsnayma
Contact the housing department, which corresponds to the department of housing policy.There you will be given a list of required documents: the applicant's passport and documents of the family members with whom he will live, information about the presence of real estate, statement of earnings, often required documents on existing loan commitments, and so on. After you have checked all of the information provided, yourapplication register.On hand you will get a statement from the receipt date of documents made from the book of registration.
application is considered within thirty days, but no more.There is the possibility of providing additional information.In this case, the period of the application may be delayed up to six months, as you should be sure to notify, and in writing.
Come ye personally to the Department for the signing of the contract and to obtain a warrant for the universe. Agreement is signed in three copies, one of which you will get your hands on.Be sure to carefully read the document and all its annexes.
At the time of conclusion of the contract sotsnayma in housing invited those members of the family, as specified in the contract.In the event that personal appearance is not possible, the power of attorney is issued.Those persons who are listed in the contract of social hiring, get acquainted with them and sign the document.
should not be confused with privatization of social hiring.In the first case housing is state or municipal property, in the second - it becomes the property of the citizen.

sotsnayma Contract is an alternative to a lot of friends since the days of the Soviet period, the warrant for the apartment.At the time the warrant was a basis for the provision of housing.And citizen of it could live in an apartment as long as he pleases.Today the premises is provided for under the contract sotsnayma.

More recently, the situation in the real estate market evolved in such a way that one part of the population lives in an apartment with a warrant, and the other - according to the social contract of employment.Once in 2004, was introduced in the Housing Code of the Russian, all legal relationships in this matter had been settled.And to date, the warrant completely replaced the social contract of employment.
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