you need
  • - paper;
  • - handle;
  • - protocol.
shall be drawn in three copies on plain paper.A copy of the family you leave, pass on second and third place of the requirements of leave in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship.In place survey of living conditions must leave the commission of three people.Two members of the Commission of the department and guardianship, as the third or district may invite representatives from law enforcement agencies.
The act survey of living conditions, specify the day, month and year of preparation, name all the members of the comm
ission, which examines the composition of the room.For example, if the composition was of three people, then write "The Commission guardianship bodies of three persons, the chairman (name, position), Inspector (name) and an employee of the Department of the Interior (department number, position and name).
Next, specify name of parents or one of them, if the child lives in a single-parent family, work place, position, number of apartments and houses, street name, cubic content of living space and to whom it belongs on the property rights.
Describe in detail, point by point, the results of the survey : the number of rooms in a house, number of storeys of the house, finding the floor of living space, the material from which the house is built (brick, wood, panels, etc.).Specify comfortable houses (type of heating, sewerage, lighting, telephone, lift).
List the names of all who live in the living area (name, place of employment, date of birth, the degree of kinship, while living in the apartment, dwelling on the date of registration).A separate item fill in the information on the actual rate of cubic capacity per person.
Describe in detail all the equipment that is available for a minor (single room, bed, desk, chair, closet for clothes, toys, books, computer, etc.).
Expert Committee gather for a meeting.Keep the protocol and record the statements of all the members of the commission.Deciding to make the act, specify the protocol number and date of its publication.At the bottom of the act put the signatures of all members of the commission, and finally the signature of the Chairman.