list of documents, forgery which is a criminal offense and the degree of responsibility for such an act by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, registered in the code of laws of our country at number 63-FZ of June 13, 1996.

documents, forgery of which is prohibited

list of documents for which you can get a fake criminal penalties contained in paragraph 1 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code.This section of the existing legislation establishes that the illegal manufacture of fake recognized stamps, seals, forms, certificates or other similar documents.In addition, this category also includes state awards, not only issued by the Government of the Russian Federation, but also those that have been transferred to its legitimate owners on behalf of the Soviet Union or the R
ussian Federation.

Punishment for forgery

degree of responsibility for the creation of false documents will vary depending on what the aims of a man who decided to fake.So, if the goal was evading its obligations under a false identity, or an order or, on the contrary, the use of any special rights as a result of the presence of a false document, the punishment for such persons will limit freedom, imprisonment or community service for up to two years.In addition, at the discretion of the court as a punishment can be selected arrest for up to six months.

If the documents were tampered with the perpetrator in order to conceal another crime, the punishment will be more severe: it can be administered in the form of forced labor or imprisonment for a term up to 4 years.

use of forged documents

In addition, it should be borne in mind that a criminal offense in our country is not only the creation, but also the use of forged documents in the case, if the person who use them know in advance that they arefake.In this case, the guilty party can be applied a penalty of compulsory work up to 480 hours of correctional labor for up to two years or arrest up to 6 months.

However, if the court deems it appropriate in the given situation, the perpetrator may be imposed a fine: its value can be defined either in absolute amount - up to 80 thousand rubles, or in relation to the income of the perpetrator.In the latter case, he may be sentenced to pay a fine, up to 6 values ​​of his monthly income.