If the source of acquisition of your apartment was a loan, and it is pledged to the bank, you become the full owner, only to repay the loan.And until then to use the apartment (to donate, sell) without the consent of the bank, you can not, because it is imposed burden, which is reflected in the certificate of ownership.Registered encumbrance of mortgage removed, usually in two cases: when repayment of the loan or liquidation of the bank.
upon full payment of the loan to the bank, refer to it to submit a joint statement on the termination of the mortgage to the territorial department of the Federal Registration Service of the location of the property.The application for termination of mortgage attac
h a passport and a certificate of registration of property rights.The state duty for the termination of the mortgage is not paid.Then repaid registration record that your home mortgage in and on the reverse side of the certificate of ownership in the department of FRS affix an appropriate stamp that mortgages stopped.
If you wish to receive a new certificate without any marks that the housing is in the mortgage , then submit an application and pay a state fee.
In case of liquidation of the bank's loan obligation is considered fulfilled.In order to remove the burden of mortgage in the liquidation of the bank, contact the tax authority in the place of the former location of the bank for an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Entities), which must be confirmed by the liquidation of the legal entity.Then, contact the Department of the Federal Registration Service, a statement of withdrawal encumbrance of mortgage , passport, certificate of ownership and an extract from the register.
somewhat more complicated if the USRLE no data on liquidation of the bank, but the bank is not on the former location and is known for his address and details for the payment of the loan.In this case, a loan is not considered extinguished.Then, the remaining amount of the loan to make a deposit and contact a notary in court for recognition of loan repayment and withdrawal encumbrance of mortgage .After receiving the court's decision, contact the Department of the Federal Registration Service for the repayment of the registration that your home mortgage in .