Let's start with the fact that once assigned to you SNILS is a number unique and belongs to you, not the names of the person, and together entered in your profile data.That is why SNILS replaced in this situation means nothing but how to make adjustments to your personal data stored in the database of the Pension Fund.
Take your passport.Prepare copies of documents about the change of names: a marriage certificate, a certificate of divorce, in general, any document that certifies the fact of changing your surname.Do not forget to take original documents.T
he full package go to the pension fund to a specialist who works with individuals on common issues.As part of the reception, you will be asked to fill in an application for the exchange of the insurance certificate of the standard form.Here and select the reason why you decided to exchange the document.Sample of application can be found in the Pension Fund.
After that you submit an application specialist, the old insurance certificate (green, rectangular, laminated card), as well as a document on the change of name.The information provided will be tested on the bases of the Pension Fund, and then to your personal card SNILS be amended.The updated certificate (with the old number SNILS, but the new data) you get during the day.
For people working will be easier to apply to the personnel department of the employer to request replacement.The procedure remains the same, but to participate in it, you'll only be at the stage of the application.Further work remains with the personnel department.Immediately ready to give your testimony.The deadline for receipt of new evidence in this case will take more time, as legal persons practicing a visit to the Pension Fund, especially on general issues on fixed days.