you need
  • -zayavlenie;
  • -Documents identity;
  • -udostoverenie veteran or member of hostilities;
  • -Certificate of marriage (for widows);
  • -Certificate of death;
  • -spravka about the death of her husband or that he is considered missing.
State Duma amended the Act of 1/12/95 for number 5-F3, which was approved by the Federation Council and signed by the President of the Russian Federation.At all points of
the amended provision of housing veterans and participants of combat operations, irrespective of the financial and property status.
Due to changes in the said law, all combat veterans, family members of the victims who died, the disabled and war veterans should be provided with accommodation, as mentioned above, regardless of their financial and property status.Among the participants are veterans of the conflicts in the Caucasus, in Chechnya, in Afghanistan, the ruler of part of the settlement of the conflicts in these areas, persons performing official acts in war zones and border areas, and participants of the Great Patriotic War veterans and their widows.
to obtain housing these persons, it is necessary to apply to the administration of his district, to apply and provide proof of combatants or to confirm that you are a family member of the deceased, the deceased or disabled member.No certificates, confirming the financial, property and other provision is not necessary to submit, in accordance with the amendments to the Federal Law number 5-F3.
Once the housing will be financed from the Federal Fund, all combatants, widows and deceased veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War will receive an apartment from the state.
Widows must submit a death certificate or a document stating that her husband was killed, fulfilling the duties of fighting and giving their duty to the Motherland.You will also need a marriage certificate, identity documents, application form.