Changes and additions to the collective agreement during the term of its action is in accordance with the procedure established by the Labour Code for its conclusion or in the order which is separately installed directly in the collective contract .
In the event of the need for changes to the collective agreement the elected representative body of the workers' collective stewardship of the enterprise or its representative offers to start negotiations on this issue.They can be assigned to the date of negotiations between the parties to adjust the contents of the collective agreement.
Party initiating collective bargain
ing, the other party a written reply with a list of those members of his party, which will be authorized to participate in the work of the joint commission.
separate order, agreed with the appropriate representative body of workers, formed the commission for collective bargaining, discussion and preparation of amendments to the current collective agreement.
prepared draft amendments to be discussed and refined, if necessary, in all divisions of the company, its subsidiaries and other separate departments.
Then changes made in the collective agreement, approved by the representatives of the employer and employees.Approval of the changes made to the terms stipulated by the parties, but not later than three months from the date of commencement of collective bargaining.The agreement was signed by the workers have to put all members of a single representative body.
employer or his authorized representative must submit a collective agreement as amended change of and applications to the relevant body of work based on the location of the employer on the notification registration.