you need
  • -zayavlenie to law enforcement
  • -spravka refusal to the institution of the case of fraud
  • -zayavlenie court
  • -proof
  • -pasport
Unable to negotiate peacefully for the return of the debt but to apply to law enforcement agencies.In a statement, a detailed description of all the circumstances arising, your attempt to repay the debt and specify the amount of the debt well and on what terms you are allowed to loan, the return date and why debt was given without released .Provide evidence that the money was transferred to the borrower.According to the statement the police have to work with the borrower.If he does not give in processing techniques on the part of la
w enforcement, they must make the case on the fact of fraud.In case of refusal to initiate criminal proceedings - take a certificate stating that you have been denied.
negotiations with the borrower to return the debt and again, turned on the recorder and put it in a secret place, the borrower was not aware of the recording made.
apply to the court, stating the reason for treatment, the amount of debt and a date for its return.
record representation of a conversation with the borrower, on the return of the debt and will be sufficient to evidence the fact of the loan.
The court debt to the borrower will be charged by the executive authorities forcibly.
Remember that to apply for the return of the debt but must not later than three years from the date of the loan.After this period the borrower may submit a counter-statement on the termination of the case due to the statute of limitations expired.If your borrower with such a rule does not know and did not write a counter statement, the judiciary will not stop the case on its own initiative, but at the initiative of the borrower.