Foreign citizens have the right to obtain Russian citizenship by the simplified scheme if: there is at least one of the parents living in the Russian Federation and have Russian citizenship.Persons living in the former Soviet republics and did not get another citizenship after the collapse of the Soviet Union.Born on the territory of the RSFSR and had Soviet citizenship.Living in Russia and married to a Russian citizen.Veterans of the Great Patriotic War.Citizens of former Soviet republics, have received vocation
al or higher education in the Russian Federation after July 1, 2002 and others.
to obtain Russian citizenship, the Migration Service should apply, with a request for admission to citizenshipRussian is written in duplicate.One of the documents confirming the existence of a legitimate source of income (tax declaration on income, certificate of employment, a pension certificate, etc.).Documents show the refusal of the citizenship of a foreign state.In this case, the Republic of Tajikistan.Which is issued by a diplomatic or consular office in the Russian Federation.A document confirming the ownership of the Russian language at a sufficient level to communicate in the language environment.This proof can be a diploma or a certificate of education issued until the USSR, and after 1991.on the territory of the Russian Federation.In the absence of the document on education law allows to pass state tests in Russian language and provide a certificate.From the documents of the degree of proficiency, exempted men over 65 and women 60 years of age.It is also necessary to provide the passport of the citizen of a foreign state, a birth certificate, a certificate of change of setting data (marriage, divorce, etc.) Three photographs of the applicant of 3 x 4 cm. The receipt of payment of the tax collection in the amount of 2,000 rubles.