If you arrived in Russia with the aim of doing business, a work plan on further Russian citizenship, you need to have a work permit.It is issued for the first time for a period not exceeding 90 days.When applying for a job, make sure that the employer intends to conclude an employment contract with you, that is,you will work legally.Otherwise, the grounds for the extension of a work permit you will not.Those who work illegally can expect problems with law enforcement, in addition, without properly issued permits to get a decent job difficult.
Before the initial authorization period expires, make sure tha
t your contract of employment continues to last.Hence, you have the basis for extending the authorization.Apply to the competent authorities (territorial bodies of the Federal Migration Service - FMS) of the following documents:

1. migration card with a stamp that you have crossed the Russian border.

2. temporary registration.

3. A work permit (initial).

4. A notarized translation of your passport into Russian.

5. 1 photograph measuring 3 to 4 cm (matte).

5. Conclusion about your health.

You will also need to pay a state fee.Its size can be found in the territorial bodies of the Federal Migration Service.
Term extension of the work permit is 10 working days.After this period you should go for the documents confirming the extension of the work permit (this is usually just a new work permit) or for failure.Extend the work permit for a year.A year later, it is necessary to apply for renewal again - in the same order.Every time you'll just get a new work permit.
Many arriving in Russia, foreign citizens use the services of companies who are drawing up the documents for obtaining and renewal of work permits.Among these firms a lot of scams, so if you decide to use the services of these companies, remember the following:

1. Work permit (primary or after the extension) are served only by you and are only issued to you personally.

2. Some companies offer to obtain or renew a work permit for 1-3 days.This may be a hoax, as this term may not be less than 10 working days.

3. Excessively low prices should not inspire confidence in you: you may encounter poor performance of the company.