petition written in different forms depending on the scope of work in which the person works and the type of awards granted.For example, in the case of employees of educational institutions issuing the badge "Honorary Worker of Education", do the following: teachers' council, the general meeting of the collective or another joint management body institution raises the question of the representation of employees to reward and take a decision.This should be reflected in the minutes of the team.
On a sheet of standard pattern is printed the text of the application in which you need to provide the following information: full name of the institution and address, name and patronymic of the employee, academic title (if any), the experience of his workeducation in general and in this team, position, qu
alification category.Prepared response, which reflects all the basic services worker in this field, its achievements in the education and upbringing of the younger generation, as well as advances in science.The document signed by the head of the institution, and if the award represent himself, then his deputy.
petition is sent to the Department of Education of the city or other municipality, where it will be reviewed and then submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.
After a positive decision, and obtain the required documents to the head of the institution general staff meeting in a solemn ceremony presenting the award.The work book entry shall be made on awarding.
If the request received a reasoned rejection, then repeated the request can be submitted no earlier than two years.The question of the award should again be considered collectively, and documents submitted to the management again.