Select Bank, which are going to take the credit.Each of the organizations working on its own system, the rate of interest is different, and the agreement is not always possible to repay the mortgage early.Talk to those who have already taken the money in a particular bank, read reviews on the Internet.Talk to the loan officer at the bank, he will answer all the questions that concern and provide full information on the size and maturity of the loan.
filed a preliminary application with the different banks and received the completed documents, compare the conditions of mortgage programs by more profitable in the end.Reduced requirements for the form of income verification (when you do not need to bring a certificate of wages), the size of the d
own payment (usually 10% or higher), or risk insurance transaction may be caused by an increase in interest rates.
Gather the necessary documents, estimate the value of the mortgage.It is necessary to pay commissions, interest, insurance premiums, rent safe-deposit box, real estate appraisal, its layout and other amounts that will have to pay on a monthly basis, as they are included in the payment schedule.Ask the inspector or manager of a table calculating the total cost of credit.Study it carefully.
Watch for advertising, sometimes deliberately banks offer favorable terms, such as "take a loan on their own terms," ​​or promise obviously low interest to pay.It is not always true, but you can check out.Thus, the "Savings Bank" offers credit for young families at a good rate, the system of early repayment.A "Uralsib" continue the practice of differentiated payment of fees, which will reduce the amount of the overpayment for early repayment.
Take a loan in the currency which receive a regular income, such as in rubles.Because, if you take the dollar or the euro, when they fall against the ruble, you have to pay a large amount of the mortgage.
calculate the forces, do not take too much money.It is desirable that the monthly payments do not exceed 30% of the family income.So you will be able to insure themselves, for example, if you demote or have to change jobs to lower paid.
to improve housing conditions in accordance with the possibilities.Do not profitable from "odnushki-Khrushchev" immediately move to the 100-meter apartment.You can first move to one-bedroom apartment in advance to pay the mortgage, to get a positive credit history.Get a new mortgage on a more favorable conditions will be easier.Follow the news of the bank, usually a year rates change and can be reached by a better program than ever before.
Read the contract carefully, pay attention to the section, which defines the terms and procedure for payment of fees, the additional costs.Sometimes you have to pay every year for 5-7% of the total payment (in addition to interest rates).If the loan exceeds one million rubles, obtained a significant amount of money.
get a mortgage you can only after select the required apartment.In the loan agreement prescribed address and homeowners.Talk to your realtor or appraiser to not overpay for housing.Do you need the services of an appraiser in any case, the bank must know the cost of housing, its size.This is especially important if there are children in the family, as there should be no infringement of their interests.
Talk to a loan officer to find out what awaits you if you make a late payment, for example, a couple of days.It is better to make contributions in advance, but the situations are different, the penalty can be learned in advance.
Gather the necessary documents.You will need a passport seller and the buyer, notarized consent of the spouse (s), if you are married, the purchase of housing, technical passport of the purchased housing, cadastral passport, TIN, pension insurance certificates of all the participants of the credit agreement.Each bank may have its own list.Once approved, they'll tell you what else is necessary and you can start the procedure of registration.Usually it takes no more than 7 working days.
Contact your bank if you have a baffling situation as soon as possible.You can extend the life of the mortgage payment, or transferred to quarterly payments.Do not lower the interest rate, are not exempt from property insurance.