Tip 1: How to determine the exact date of conception

conception (fertilization) is nothing but a fusion of female to male germ cells.Male germ cells continue to maintain its functionality for two days.In that case, if the egg enters the stage during this period of ovulation, conception does not take place, and they will die.It is for this reason that the most favorable day for conception - the day of ovulation.
Calculate date of conception of the child possible using special calculators of conception, which is full of the Internet.
to determine the date of conception, you can resort to a straightforward formula.Select the desired date in the calendar of the child's birth.Subtract this number from the week.To this number Priplyusuet 3 months.To add a new number 2 more weeks.The end result is the date of conception.Just do not forget about the fact that such a result is a rough estimate.
most favorable moment for conception is the period of ovulation.Accordingly, the exact date of conception and date of ovulation coincide.
When the length of the menstrual cycle at 28 days, ovulation usually occurs on the fourteenth day.At this time, the probability of getting pregnant is the maximum.The egg remains viable for the day, so the next day after ovulation the possibility of conception is excluded.If the menstrual cycle lasts 21-24 days, ovulation comes to 10-12 days.If 32-35 days - ovulation begins on 16-18 day from the beginning of menstruation.
Another way of determining the date of conception (ovulation) and the favorable days for conception - a calculation based on the chart of basal body temperature (in the rectum).Every morning without getting out of bed, at one and the same time, a woman should be administered into the rectum (or vagina) the thermometer about 5 centimeters.7-10 minutes suffices to measure temperature.Before ovulation, the temperature is below 37 degrees after ovulation - the temperature is slightly higher than this figure.The day before the temperature increase is the day of ovulation.
determine the date of conception (ovulation) can be based on the analysis of the mucus secreted by the cervix.For a couple of days prior to oocyte maturation thick and sticky vaginal discharge becomes stringy and transparent.In these days of conception is almost inevitable.
To calculate the exact date of conception, you can seek help from a specialist.To do this, you need only pass the swab around in the middle stage of the menstrual cycle.The method of simple analysis of mucus from the cervix gynecologist could easily set the date of your ovulation up to 1-2 days.
But there is a simpler method of determining the date of conception.Go into any pharmacy and get special tests to determine ovulation.They are divided into two categories: the first provides indications on the basis of changes in the composition of saliva, the second is in contact with urine.
the first place in terms of reliability and ease of determining the date for conception is ultrasound.You are guaranteed a perfect result.

Tip 2: How to determine the time of ovulation

When planning a pregnancy, it is important to correctly identify favorable for conception period.The day when a woman from the ovary comes ready for a fertilized egg is called ovulation.The sexual act committed at this time, are more likely to lead to pregnancy.
How to determine the time of ovulation
Listen to yourself.During ovulation in women often have certain symptoms:
- unpleasant and even painful sensations in the lower abdomen;
- copious (sometimes with a small admixture of blood);
- gain sexual vlecheniya.U ovulation some women are asymptomatic, while others simply do not connect their feelings with the release of the egg.Therefore, the method for determining ovulation are extremely unreliable, although it has a right to exist.
Note the selection.During ovulation, their nature is changing under the influence of hormones.The mucus becomes larger, and it begins to resemble raw egg protein.On the first day after ovulation, this symptom disappears.
Measure basal temperature.Every morning at the same time without getting up, measure the temperature in the rectum.The results are recorded in the schedule by which it will be possible to track ovulation.Before oocyte maturation rectal temperature in the majority of women do not exceed 36,5-36,6 degrees.On the day of ovulation temperature falls further below.And on the day after the release of the egg temperature soars to 36,9-37 degrees and remains so almost to the onset of menstruation.If the sexual act will be made on the day the temperature drops, the probability of pregnancy is fairly high.
Use chemist tests to determine ovulation.Calculate the average length of your menstrual cycle, subtract from this number 17 and start doing tests with the cycle of the day, which corresponds to the resulting number (the average cycle length is 28 days and start doing the test 11 days after the onset of menstruation).The test shows a positive result in an average day prior to ovulation.
Do follikulometriyu.This procedure is to track ovulation by ultrasound.This method of determining ovulation is considered the most reliable but also the most expensive.
Helpful Hint
recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse for 3-5 days before ovulation, since the formation of sperm in the testicles take some time.The best position for conception - a woman on her back, man on top.After completion of sexual intercourse can be put under the pillow buttocks, legs raised slightly and lie in this position for a while.Thus, it appears that the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčimmersed in a box in the posterior fornix of the vagina sperm.
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