you need
  • late pregnancy, a centimeter and a calculator.
Using ultrasound weight is determined by the circumference of the head with an accuracy of up to 0.5 kg, but if the child is seen badly expert can be wrong with the calculations.Calculating the weight future child is best at 32 weeks.
One of the weight of tnyh methods is Lebedev.To calculate the height of standing uterus is multiplied by the circumference of the abdomen and in the end it turns out the approximate number of grams of fruit.
Many women find that the size and weight future child can be compared with the size of the abdomen, however, no reference to the na
ture of the abdomen of a pregnant woman.He may be small, large, broad or sharp.The size of the stomach depends on the weight but growth and breadth of the bone mother.Big weight of the fetus may be associated with greater weight th before pregnancy and the growth of the mother.
Determination weight and future kid connected with the acquisition of the first clothes, because buying a standard size, you can make a mistake, because children are born with weight ohm and 2.0 kg and 4.5 kg.
Another popular method of calculating the weight of the baby is the method Stroykova.For this weight pregnant women divided by the number of constants, which is taken in view of the weight well.If a woman um weight of 50 kg, the constant is equal to 15 if weight 51- 53 kg - the constant is 16. Every 2 kg of additional weight and equal to one another constant.Then the circle is multiplied by the height of the bottom of the belly of the uterus, both the amount added and divided by 2. The result obtained with an accuracy of 200 g.
38 weeks of pregnancy weight child can identify yourself at home using a conventional centimeters.Lying on the bed need to find the top edge of the pubic bone, to attach a centimeter and stretch it to the middle line to the top of the uterus.The result is multiplied by 100, and the weight will be about th child in grams.
If the baby is very large, it is necessary to discuss in advance with your doctor cesarean section, read the literature about this operation and psychologically prepared.Cesarean section is also carried out if a child is wrong.