for admission to university main categories of citizens, the following documents:

1. The statement, written on a special form.To pass the training program or undergraduate program that prepares professionals for admission to the first year, the applicant has the right to write applications simultaneously with a maximum of five universities for any three specialties.

2. The document (certificate) of a full middle education (original or copy).
3. Certificate for the USE (Unified State Examination), the original or a copy.
4. Identity documents applicant (passport), the original or a copy.
5. Photos (typically 6-8 pictures 3x4 format).
6. Medical certificate (needed only in some universities).

Persons who were military service and retired due to the e
nd of its term, are eligible for one year from the date of separation from service, to provide the results of the exam, they have received during the year before being drafted.They also impose admission to the university, in addition to other documents, military ID.

applicants who have special rights or privileges for admission to higher education institutions established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, are original or a copy of documents confirming them.

Applicants with disabilities and health indicators provide an original or photocopy of any of the following documents:

1. Summary of medical-psychological-pedagogical commission;
2. Help the establishment of disability issued by the agency medical and social commission of federal significance.

disabled children and disabled groups I and II, which are eligible for admission to universities outside of the competition, provide original or a copy of certificates of disability and medical conclusion about the absence of contraindications to study at a university.

Persons entering the magistracy should also provide a bachelor's degree, master's or specialist.
entrants to the target site must be of the original documents on education.