qualify for a certificate of professional accountants you can, if you have:
- university degree or diploma candidates (doctors) of sciences, specialty "Accounting and Statistics";
- experience from three years as a chief accountant , lecturer in accounting, the head / deputy head of the financial department or other senior positions that require knowledge of accounting;
- a successful outcome of the course "Training and certification of professional accountants" (240 hours).
undergo training on the course "Training and certification of professional accountants" you can at the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (rus: IPBR) or in one of the accredited trainin
g centers.Training is carried out in several directions: the chief accountant, financial manager, accountant, consultant, financial expert consultant.All programs have a capacity of 240 academic hours.
Upon completion of training you are given a certificate of the established sample, indicating further education.To obtain a certificate that is not enough - you need to pass the exam.
examination is conducted in two stages.The first stage - exam in oral and written form.According to the results of the bidder is allowed or not allowed to the second stage.Most important, the second stage is carried out in conjunction with rus: IPBR, where the decision to issue the certificate of professional accountants .
obtained a certificate of professional accountants valid for five years.After this period, a certificate will need to be extended.To do this, you have to become a member rus: IPBR, pay a membership fee and undergo an annual training program (at least 40 hours per year).