already taken a long time to pass the written educational work in printed form.If your school, college or university accepts works written by hand, the requirements for registration of your work is still the same for all.Do not include on the cover sheet e unnecessary information.If you write by hand, do not use bright colored ink and embellished style of handwriting.Both the form and the content must be strict and clear.Do not use any illustrations and photographs, if it is a serious work (illustrations are allowed on children's creative work, but not abstracts, course and diploma projects).
If you print your work on the computer, install the required fields, and the size and font style, standard for all work.The top and bottom margins set at 20 mm, left - 30 mm, right - 10 mm.A common font size - 14 points, the
style - Times New Roman.The name of the theme stands out not change the style or font size, and register letters.Print data without departing from the red line.
Install a central alignment of the lines for all data points to cover sheet e, except of data about you as an artist work and your head, which will check the job - this information is right-aligned.
At the top sheet and enter the full name of your school, lower - the name of the department (if it is not a school or a high school).
In the center, type the name of the theme of your work uppercase (capital) letters.Do not put the word "Subject" to the name, and do not use quotation marks.
Entitled theme specify what kind of work you performed (essay, report, term paper, etc.) and the discipline in which you covered the subject (for example, the essay on the natural sciences).
Set right alignment sheet and and specify your name and initials, as well as a class or course.Here, too, right, enter the data on who is your leader (teacher) on the subject: his name and initials, title, academic degree.
above the lower boundary of the center point location (the name of the village) and the time of writing (year).
the end point of the line on the cover sheet ie do not put.
Home sheet is counted as the first page of your paper, but do not put it on the page number.Numbering starts with the next page, where you put the contents (TOC).