As a rule, most of the students transferred to another university in the paid department - they feel that their budget will not take place.This is not always the case.If you have a public university budget places on the appropriate course of study for students interested in the specialty, the institution is not entitled to offer students receiving higher professional education for the first time, to transfer to the paid places.It should know.
First of all, is to make a copy of the record book: for it at another university will be able to count the clock listened student lectures and workshops passed.The smaller the difference in this watch, the less the student will have dosdavat subjects to be ta
ken at the same rate at which it is trained, not the course under.Those items that were on the appropriate course at another university, but did not pass in his former high school student, he will have to surrender.If the university is willing to accept the student, then he will be given a certificate that he is enrolled at the university.This certificate is available in the old high school.
Now, the student must apply for the dismissal to the dean of the faculty, or educational institution of the and provide a certificate from another university that it will be passed to it.In a statement, it is necessary to require the issuance of academic record: it is the main document for transfer to another university.It shall include all items which the student has studied, written coursework and passed practice.On the basis of a certificate of zachtut at another university.Rector should issue an order of dismissal of the student and the dean's office (academic part) - in order Goznak academic transcript.This is done for a long time: the order of the rector issued ten days, and wait for help will have another two weeks, and if it's high school will do everything in a timely manner.
Further, with the above mentioned documents the student will need to take school-leaving certificate (or any other document based on which he was enrolled).The certificate will be handed over to another university.Order on student enrollment in higher education in connection with the transfer published university rector after receiving the certificate (or other document on education) and academic record.The rector of the university of another entitled to his order to allow students to classes before enrolling.By enrolling formed and placed on record the new student a personal matter, which are recorded in the statement of the transfer, academic certificate, a certificate (certificate of education) and an extract from the order of enrollment in the order of transfer.If the transfer is carried out on a paid place, then it is entered and the contract.Students receive a student ID card and record book.