Make a range of issues that you will cover in your article, and the list of experts who can help sort out the problem.Please note that you need to analyze several points of view.For example, if you have to write about the results of the exam in your city, to communicate not only with the students and parents who are dissatisfied with this form of examination, but also with teachers, confident in its effectiveness.
collect the necessary material, spread it on the credibility and relevance.First of all, use a trusted source and opinions of authoritative experts.Only in case of emergency, you can cause generalized examples of public opinio
n is not supported by documents.
develop its own views on the subject in question.Analytical article can and must express the author's opinion.At the same time you have to explain why it came to this conclusion.Author's assessment of the situation develops in the course of the study, and can vary from the original.
Write text.Ideally, analytical article should include the following parts:
- Leader-paragraph (the first paragraph of text), which briefly reported on the event or issue has arisen;
- prologue in which the author talks about the importance and history of the event;
- basic (analytical) part.Here the author sets out the problem, resulting in different views of experts on the causes of the situation, the current status of the issue, as well as their suggestions on ways to prevent and eliminate the negative effects;
- conclusion (conclusions).In this part, the author summarizes the point of view of finding their similarities and significant differences.At the end of the article may be refuted widespread but completely unrealistic opinion on any matter, or the reader will be asked to draw their own conclusions based on the facts and the proposed versions.
Read the text again, double check everything included in his quotes, dates, names of agencies and organizations, the names and titles of people, geographic names.Divide the text of the logically complete, select subtitles.