Decide university.Different universities have different requirements for applicants.Some need to take some things, in others - a bit different.Decide for yourself whether you want to study law in the classical university or law.For education in Law University said a large number of practical knowledge.However, in the classical university, as a rule, it is interesting to learn.So choose what is more important - practical knowledge or uchёba.Krome interesting fact is to determine the city.Do you want to stay in their city and learn in more comfortable conditions, but under the supervision of their parents?Or are you going to go to the regional center or the capital and enjoy the freedom of living in a student dormitory?
Prepare for entrance
examinations.At the Faculty of Law usually pass the Russian language, social studies and history.Some institutions add to this list a foreign language.So pay attention to these things and tighten their knowledge of them.To help you to be tutors or special courses in schools and universities.Most advantageous to prepare for exams in courses of the university in which you are going to do.
Decide prospects.Studied law - laudable desire.However, before going to do, you should honestly answer the question: "Why do I need a law?".If you can not think of anything else other than prestige, high incomes and big prospects, then it is hardly worth trying to come back to the legal fakultet.Postupit hard to learn - not too easy, legal education is expensive.As for prestige, in these days to be a good highly paid professionals, we must try.There are lawyers, working on not too good position, with a low income and have no prospects.And there are experts in law, which generally can not be anywhere ustroitsya.Tak that you should clearly understand where you go to work later if you want to work there and whether you like the law, so that even if you can not succeed, you will not regret the timespent on the study of this science.