first component - the tone of voice.It should be self-explanatory.The tone of voice is a possibility of intonation.What do you mean, the ability to change the tone above or below, in order to emphasize in a sentence or that word.
strength of voice.Here, too, everything is clear.We can speak softly, then very few people will listen and can speak loudly.The truth is the power of voice shows not only how many people have heard, but also how you will voice their impact on the listener.If a man cries, he has the body secretes hormones-adrenaline.This person can not pay attention to what he says, and some other things.Here we are talking about the emotional component.
third component - voice clarity.We can speak rather loudly and beautifully, but if the clarity of our voice will be limp,
it is unlikely we will be well understood people.
Tongue twisters are a great tool to help improve the intonation and clarity.But apart from them there is also a professional combination of sounds.Such combinations are the LRA, LRO, LIS, UARL, ZZHDRA, ZDZHRI, ZDZHRO, ZDZHRU.Plus these sound combinations that are meaningless, we just recite them mechanically.But in the patter we sometimes confused, clinging to their meaning.We may stumble, thinking that what is growing firewood on the grass, or grass in the yard.
There are exercise: open your mouth wider and begin to knead the muscles of the body.It is a good workout for the vocal apparatus, expressed in the articulation and the active support of the mimic speech.Although it is widely open mouth during conversation is not natural, but it helps to speak clearly.
Pay more attention to the tones.After intoning can make interesting, even the most boring text.For people closely involved in trafficking are well supplied intoning voice helps make the sale.