you need
  • - a topic for a term paper
  • - computer, printer
  • - notebook, pen
aside a whole day to go to the library.Locate the files of the literature on the subject of your work.These can be textbooks, monographs, articles from periodicals.You need 10-15 sources.Write down in a notebook or copy on the copier all the information that you seem interesting.Do not forget to lock, taken from a book or another line.
Sit down at your computer and plan your work.It should include 3-4 points, which in turn divide into 2-3 sub.Caption for each item and sub-item plan.
fill all points of the plan text.For this useful recordings made in the library.Add your own thoughts and conclusions.
When you use the notes from
the literature, do not forget to footnotes at the end of the page.
Write the introduction.In it you need to fix the following: what problems raises your job, the purpose of the work, the relevance of the theme of the work and the degree of research.The introduction should not be a big - 1-2 pages of typewritten text.
now in order imprisonment.Write in it, were you able to fully develop the theme (if not, what has prevented this), describe your solutions to the issues raised in the work that you have brought in the new science of his research.The introduction and conclusion are usually resonate - one raises questions, in the other are the answers.
Make a list of references.Rewrite all the sources that you used in the work, in alphabetical order.Be sure to include full details of each source of information.
Making your course work in accordance with the requirements of the university.Would be great if in your research will be application - maps, diagrams, calculations, statistical calculations.Now re-read the entire text of the work, eliminate errors and inaccuracies.It remains only to print, and your course work is finished.