Select the appropriate method.If you start learning the language from "zero", then you have to learn the alphabet, the basic rules of pronunciation of letters and sounds, transcription, etc.Now for independent language learning, there are many techniques, each of which has a different degree of intensity and effectiveness.You have to choose what you like, what "is the soul," and that best meets your needs.
If you are going to do with pleasure, then the results will not be.Think about what your language.If you want to communicate and understand the English language, it is focusing on speaking and listening to the study of various expressions.If you intend to pass the international language test, the emphasis must be placed on the elaboration of grammar.
developed its algorithm.You can clearly follow the instructions of the selected technique or develop your own way of learning.The approximate plan for the day should consist of compulsory audioproslushivaniya, repetition and translation of the dialogues, grammar lessons, replenishment vocabulary.Define a clear sequence - if you have difficulty understanding speech is given, start with easier tasks.When you are a little "warm up", start dialogues, finish lesson grammar tests.
English should surround you everywhere - at home watching movies without translation, read the newspaper, try to communicate more often with native speakers.Modern means of communication make it possible to take lessons in live video mode - it's a great chance to practice English and make new friends.
should be engaged actively and regularly.Do not let yourself indulgences, because in the end, language skills can improve your life, bring you closer to achieving the dream.Your motivation should be strong - the new work, immigration, change of activity etc.
Be consistent and go from simple to complex - you start with simple and clear words, sentences, text.By studying grammar proceed only after you are able to speak in English simple phrases - greetings, gratitude, to discuss common issues and domestic.