Start a letter to his English friend with treatment Dear, to which add a name, for example, Dear Bob, which means "Dear Bob".Title is written on the left side of the sheet without the red line.After it is not necessary to put an exclamation point and comma.
Thank pen Freund for a letter he wrote to you and to which you are responsible, for example, so: Thanks for your letter.It was great to hear from you (thanks for your letter. It was very nice to hear from you).
Explain the purpose for which you write your message, and outlined what he will.
Now try to answer the questions, if your pen pal asking them to you in a letter.
Then express your opinion on the news that sent you the pen Friend, if you want to write your advice or suggestion.
Ask an English friend, concerning topics which is associated with your letter.Better to do it, starting with a new paragraph.
At the end of the message on a line by email final phrase, for example, Write soon (Answer as soon as possible), Best wishes (Best wishes) and Love (Kiss).
After finishing the phrase necessarily put a comma, and a new line write your name.
Now write the sender's address, that is his own, in the top right corner of the page.At the same time on the first line enter the house number and street name, the second line - your city.If desired, you can restrict condensed version by specifying the street and the city.
After the address specify the date of the letter was written, based on the template "day-month-year."
finished a letter, be sure to check whether it grammatical or spelling errors.In case you doubt the spelling of a word in English, look in the dictionary.If this is not feasible, replace it with a synonym, in the writing which you believe.