Note the amount of any report should not exceed 6 pages in A4, prepared in MS Word (font Times New Roman, 12 point), excluding the title page.The boundaries of the text: left - 3 cm, right - 1, 5, top and bottom - 2 cm.
paying special attention to design the title page of the report.The first line from the top - the name of the Ministry in charge of the study (font Times New Roman, 14 pt, bold, all capital letters, text alignment - centered).Make a pass line (font Times New Roman, 12 pt).The second - the name of the organization (university, research institutes): font Times New Roman, 14 pt, all letters capital, alignment - centered.Make another pass line (font Times New Roman, 12 pt).
Specify name on the title page to the report in alphabetical order by the first lette
r of the names as follows: name (initials) and surname.Font - Times New Roman, 14 pt, without indention.Alignment - in the middle.
Edit the text of the report in accordance with the requirements of GOST.These requirements are as follows:

- font Times New Roman 12 pt, alignment - justified;
- indented paragraph - 1.25 cm;
- single line spacing;
- automatic hyphenation;
- Formula run in MS Equation (font Times New Roman, 12 pt: Cyrillic - Normal, Latin - just italic);
- black and white illustrations (using font Arial, 10-12 pt or Times New Roman, 12-14 pt);
- tables are performed by means of MS Office (or the font Times New Roman, 12-14 pt);
- all references to sources in square brackets.
If you make the text of figures and tables do not allow inaccuracies.Resolution of raster images must be at least 300 dpi.Insert scanned images is not allowed.Do not forget to include in the report a reference to illustrative material indicating the number and names of the figure or table (numbered - through, only Arabic numerals).
Apply for a list of references, in accordance with GOST:

- if it is a book: last name and initials of the author (point), the name of the (point), place of publication (colon), the name of the publisher (comma)model year of publication (point), the total number of pages;
- if that magazine article: surname, initials of the author (point), the full title of the paper (double-slash), the name of the journal (a point), year (point) release number (point), the page;
- if that thesis: name, initials of the author (point), the full name of the thesis (colon), diss.(or synopsis.) on soisk.scientists.step.cand.or Dr. (indicating specialty) science (one slash), high school (point), the city (comma), year of protection (point), the number of pages.